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Smart City Systems in Abu Dhabi, Dubai offers the best HRMS services like HR and payroll software, HR management & payroll management solutions services in UAE.
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  • Central Online Helpline system - tracks and review all calls and with escalation.

  • The Power of Human Resource Management System in the Cloud - SmartHR SAAS

  • Access your web based HR Portal.. Any time, Any where, Any device.

About Us

At Smart City Systems, we offer a variety of services. Our packages are inclusive of a comprehensive set of HRMS software. This is inclusive of HR and Payrolls, Employees Self Service, Recruitment Software, PA or rather Performance Appraisals, Human Resource Budgeting and Manpower, Planning and Training Management as well as Software, a package that includes Service and Payroll Outsource Service. We have kept it our mission and objective at Smart City Systems to understand and satisfactorily meet the needs and demands of our esteemed customers. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive HRMS solutions for all HRMS Software requirements in the Middle East region and at the same time covering all aspects of HRMS domain, including the following;

  • • Provide web-services to your users with access to the data they want anytime, anywhere.
  • • Stimulating HR processes to ensure team work and overall productivity of your organization.
  • • Provision of a real time communication platform that ensures that you communicate timely across departments in your organization.
  • • A guarantee to business everlasting existence with simple enactments. This includes a smoothly running and customer based model of project management, ensuring a quick and sure return on investment and at the same time warranting reduced interferences.
HR and Payroll Process Cycle


Smart HR Modules

It is something what we do with passion and love!

  • HR and Payroll

    Smart HR and Payroll software is customized to offer an effortless and pocket friendly interconnections between the enterprise systems. The software is also very easy to comprehend and to use giving its users an easy time in the office. Its simple menus are an advantage. Other advantages that are realizable from this software are that it is a flexible software, with an easy access of the management to help in reliable and quick management decision making. On the other hand, the Payroll module meets all the organization’s needs when it comes to payroll issues. It is a module that is not only ideal to single businesses but also multiple businesses. The Smart Payroll System is customable and therefore it can be adjusted accordingly to meet all sought of business in the corporate world.

    • HR and Payroll Software UAE
    • HR and Payroll Software UAE
    • HR and Payroll Software UAE
    • HR and Payroll Software UAE
  • Employee Self Service

    HR software has brought about tremendous changes in the industry and the revolution has been acknowledged by a number of enterprises. Paper work has become a thing of the past, all thanks to SmartHR software. With this software, employees are able to get their hands on the system and ensure that their fundamental information is up to date. They are able to have a look at their accumulated leave, make requests such as time-off requests as well as updating any necessary information on their company profiles such as contacts and their benefits information. When doing this, they do not have to make a call or email the HR offices, therefore making work easier for them. The time that that would be spent at the HR’s office is used to increase productivity and at the same time the employees’ morale and satisfaction is boosted, with the HR data being stored safely in the software at no extra cost.

    HR Software – Employee Self Service Software UAE
  • Recruitment Management

    Recruitment management tasks stressing you up? You need to stress no more. Smart Recruitment Manager has the solution for you. This software module provides you with all the solutions. It is a system that is flexible to use and also user friendly. This web based Applicant Tracking System is able to create a job vacancy that exists in your organization, have the application forms ready for the varied vacancies created, a column for any interested candidates applying for the job, the manager to oversee the evaluation process, have a workable schedule for the intended interviews for the applicants, a smart ranking of the results from the interviews and of all make a short list of those suitable for the job vacancy. This is how amazing Smart Recruitment Manager is. If you have an old but functional system in place, do not worry, our software is compatible with such systems. To get it running in your systems, it is very simple, you just have to integrate our system into yours.

    • HR Management and Recruiting Software Dubai
    • HR Management and Recruiting Software Dubai
    • HR Management and Recruiting Software Dubai
  • Employee Appraisal

    Smart Appraisal automatically generates the entire Appraisal Administration process of the employee’s performance. With such an automated generation, the HR as well as the Line Manager performance is tremendously improved. The system is able to put together all kinds of the parameters that are used in the appraisal process and make a decision. In this process, the goals and objectives set aside are considered. Other measures that the system is able to put together for the purposes of employee appraisal include; Key Performance Indicators, competence and employee values. In addition to being able to put together all the above mentioned measures, the Smart Appraisal HR software makes it possible to make online reviews which are no different from the already existing peer reviews. It is a system that is highly customable and comment boxes, rating scales, drop down lists, calendars, forms, check boxes and also instructions can all be tailored as per the needs of a specific organization. The amazing fact about Smart Appraisal software is that it can handle a varied number of company employees, ranging from twenty to thousands, making it ideal for both small and extremely large businesses.

    • Employee Performance Appraisal Software UAE
    • Employee Performance Appraisal Software UAE
  • Time and Attendance Software

    This is a browser based software that can easily be integrated with other Attendance Machines. Such an integration ensures that there is an accurate accountability for working hours of the employees as well as time worked overtimes. The software is also easy to integrate with payrolls to ensure accurate work force data collection and also a well running payroll system. The system does not only support payroll integration. Amazing enough, the software can also be helpful when it comes to Job costing in the organization. The software can be synchronized to generate real time project reports and overtimes on any executed times.

    Time and Attendance Software Dubai, UAE
  • Manpower Planning and HR Budgeting

    • Costing of all HR related functions
    • Manpower budgets
    • Compensation budgets
    • Benefits Budgets
    • Recruitment budgets
    • Training budget
    • Workforce forecasting
    • Best Human Resource (HR) | HRMS Software UAE
    • Best Human Resource (HR) | HRMS Software UAE


Software As a Service

SAAS(software as a Service) is an easy to implement platform. It requires no hardware configurations, implementations or even any acquisition costs. This is on the customer side. With the SAAS, the user is left with the task of ensuring the safety of the applications running. It is also a role of the user to ensure an efficient and smooth performance of the SaaS, with maximum reliability, when it comes to the execution of its intended functionalities. With such responsibilities then, it can be realized that the SAAS model is an all involving model that requires a high level of automation in executing business processes, requiring complex engines in addition to being a sophisticated application.

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Managed Service

Smart HR Managed Service is ideal for both small and large businesses, offering easily adaptable to, reliable and payroll services. It is a module in the market intended to be cost effective and at the same time, deliver improved services to your esteemed customers.

With the SmartHR managed Service, you do not necessarily have to lose control. You can implement the service and also be in control, depending on the operation mechanisms that exist in your organization.

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