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SmartHR Software is designed to enable your organisation to work as a team to manage HR information. Employees can keep their personal details up-to-date (for example their address and telephone number, their bank account details, etc.). HR Manager accounts can be configured to provide access to their team’s details; individuals can submit requests for holidays, expense claims, and timesheets. Most of the information within the system can thus be managed by the employees, staff and managers themselves.

Paper-based time off requests, beneficiary updates, and pay stubs are becoming a thing of the past. Technology has made HR a self-service function in the small and mid-size business sector.

The HR software keeps track of the company’s benefits and compensation data, allowing employees to view the status of their accrued leave, make time-off requests, or make necessary changes to their contact or benefits information -- all without phone calls or emails to HR personnel. And allowing employees to key in the information themselves online helps boost productivity, too. There are no more forms to fill out in triplicate.

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