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This is a very significant task for both in house hosted and outsource bureau. Employees are the foremost asserts of a company’s success. Therefore, it is very important if not essential to pay these employees on time so that they can maintain good relationship with them.

For the last 10 years, SmartHR has proved to be the most efficient medium for the payment of customers on time. We see that in both in house and bureau, employee payroll needs to be effectually supported by a company which is specialized who will ensure that the employee is the ones in control of the whole procedure.

Payroll Processing Dubai is professional friendly and quite important in very many aspects:

So you are: We have been designed by people who are fully informed of what it entails and who have been payroll managers. SmartHR makes a managers life easier as it handles new starters, late payments, leavers as well as supplementary payments. It has a unique system in the market which consumes less time for end year updates. Therefore, you have no need to search through pile of old files.

So is your data: The most important aspect of the system revolves around people paying the correct amount and statutory production of reports. Payroll system contain a huge mass of information about your staff. This data is always readily available for your staff and colleagues. All latest advanced technology such as interfacing directly with E- mail and the internet is provided by SmartHR.

Linking you to other system: It uses the computer to make both your life and ours easier. It interface window products such as Report Writers, Microsoft Office and Spread Sheet as part of the system. Similarly, it also automatically and directly export nominal information to your account system and integrates time and attendance.

Compatible: It is compatible with all standard browsers.

Time: SmartHR is designed in a way that you can access all authorized data without having to leave your desk.

So is your customers: SmartHR recognize the need of our customer’s payroll on time. It has an added security which always ensure that your payroll goes through without any hitch.

So is your personnel: SmartHR offers integrated Payroll and Human Resource system. Data from it cannot be duplicated or get sync.

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