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Payroll Software As A Service

Smart HR SAAS(software as a service): this is a web based solution that provides uncompromised access to a software, allowing an organization to have a link or access to preferred business functionalities at a cost effective rate, as access is given on monthly or annual basis. This is a cost effective approach as from this approach, as extra costs associated with licensed applications are avoid through the use of SAAS. In addition to being a cost effectively approach, there is no need for additional hardware, as the designated users are able to access the services remotely. The remote aspect of SAAS eliminates the need to carry out installations, set ups and frequent maintenances that are associated with physical installation of software. With its remote capabilities therefore, SAAS can be referred to as a Hosted Application.

We at SmartHR, we have all your HR management solutions figured out. We are here to help your despite the size of your business. We have a never disappointing Human Resource Management system, which contains all the solutions you may be seeking for. The Human resource Management System also integrates with payroll and T&A engines, providing undoubtedly comprehensive solutions to all your HR needs. With our Human Resource Management System (HRMS), you will realize that it is a system that:

Is all inclusive in functionality: the HRMS is a system that does it all. It is a system that is helpful to the administration, the certification and training departments. With the HRMs, you can be in a position to monitor all licensing and employee set schedules such as trainings.

User accessibility: With HRMS, access to the system is not an issue. Access can be granted as the management wishes to its employees. With such access granted, employees ensure that their information in the system is up to date, saving the management to update the information on a later date.

Faultlessly integrates: our HRMS is a system that easily integrates with existing systems and you only need to make the integration changes only once, making it easier for our payroll and T&A to work smoothly with the HRMS system.


Software as a Service is regarded as a new technique through which as software can be delivered. It is a software that is accessible via a web browser. The billing for this platform is based on subscriptions made on yearly basis. As a new technology, it is different from the traditional models that required licensing, installation and even maintenance. There are many advantages associated with this approach to the customer and they include;

Clientele management

Through this, one can easily management his or her business associates. This is made a reality through;

  • A SAAS solution module that is an entirely walkable HR.
  • An all in one system that is used to effectively manage the employee lifecycle.
  • A business strategy oriented approach in which all the HR time is availed to focus on the fundamental business strategies.

SAAS delivery guarantees you more from your HR software.

The SAAS guarantees you more from your HR software in the following ways;

  • Easy upgrades with the latest functionalities in place.
  • Cost free usage with no installation, upgrades, security or maintenance costs incurred.
  • Easy budgeting with a schedule that is predetermined.

Unfailing support and customer service.

With our services, we always guarantee our customers continued support and service delivery. We offer comprehensive training, consultancy and support services as you enjoy the services our smarter systems render unto you. For your support and customer service, we deliver exceptional services, which might be inclusive of a fair subscription fee. Such services and customer support include:

  • An online help documentation
  • How to get started guidelines
  • A dedicated and around the clock online help desk support team or Email.
  • Data storage and Backup
  • Three days informative user online training: any two designated users
  • Automated updates of any subscribed modules once a new features comes into the market
  • Data returns upon expiry of a subscription. This is done upon request
  • A trusted data center that is duly certified, all inclusive of the accompanying IT infrastructure, with genuine SSL certificates
  • Assured data privacy and confidentiality that contract protected

SAAS as a payroll manager

Smarter helps you manage your payrolls with ease and at reduced risks. It is a system that ensures accuracy and compliance with the set legislations. The system combines with our time and attendance modules to ensure an efficient service delivery. The managed payroll system is the thing for you therefore, if you really prefer a peace of mind and the same time have things taken care of for you. The payroll manager is a thing to consider when it comes to SmartHR systems as;

  • It is a system that allows for a collaboration between your HR personnel with our team for maximum efficiency
  • It is a comprehensive payroll system, inclusive of our cloud based HR and Payroll solution that is easy to integrate with.
  • It allows for regulated control, ensuring that each role is played accordingly, as roles are tailored as per tasks to be accomplished.
  • It is system made by the expert. A more reason therefore to use our systems, as you are sure to enjoy world class software, tailored to meet all your needs at a cost friendly charge.

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