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Payroll Software

SmartHR is well-known payroll software that provides extremely high quality that operates reliably and accurately in all challenging business environments. SmartHR Employee Management System (EMS) payroll manages both the statutory and occupational remuneration process for the GCC Region which would let you manage your business effectively


Smart City Systems developed the SmartHR Payroll as a highly advanced HRMS Solution which integrates fully with Human Resource (HR), attendance devices, finance applications as well as the employee self service software. It also provides for a place where you can choose your own purchasing option for such software installation


Our Project manager and Consultants are always available and dedicated to help you in managing the implementation of your own HR solution. The Data Migration team on the other hand will help you manage the data process of your new HR system once installed. We also have the implementation days where our functional consultants would help our customers personalize themselves with the HR software, sickness scheme, screen design, document templates among other things


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customers with focused payroll software with simple and cost-effective solutions. We also ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the level of the quality we provide when our customers sign on.

Our Goal

Our main goal is make life of an employee, payroll manager or HR manager easier. SmartHR simplify and improves administration of payroll hence the staff will only need to focus on the business.

SmartHR Employee and Manager Self Service have a module known as “ESS” which enables managers and employees to access and obtain information they need and also a platform for interaction where necessary as well as approving any processes if any. This tremendously reduce requests to the HR department thereby saves your business money.

Benefits of using SmartHR Hosted Service

SmartHR offers a wide range to its customers. Below are some of the benefits you can get for using SmartHR Hosted Service:

  • Saves time. The capital expenditure on IT hardware, software and training is reduced drastically. The outsourcing administrative similarly saves your time as it serves as payrolls or HR.
  • Automatic upgrades. The system is developed and well maintained by our providers meaning that there is no need for an internal technical support. Full back up and security running your profile is also provided to our users.
  • Greater control of users. The staff is allowed to change bank account, address details and is able to apply for loan online among other benefits.
  • It provides users with simple development tools which can be easily adapted to meet changes favorable in a department without calling the IT.
  • It ensures business continuity through simple implementation as it provides for project management that can give an employee fast Return on Investment with minimal disruption.
  • HR process are sequential in nature hence gives a streamline working platform which in the end improves the level of production for the team.
  • It allows speedy customization that can match the customer’s particular process and structure.

Employee Self- Service

This helps improve the employee and manager engagement through timely access to personal information. An employee is able to enter and edits their personal information such as emergency contacts. It also has the feature of a role-based personalization which provides managers with customized screen access to their team of employees.

Managers are able to set up new employee through Hire Wizard and they can maintain the skills and competencies of the employee. Similarly, managers can be able to complete the performance of the development plans of the employee. Manager can complete performance appraisals and employee development plans.

Training management

The program's has intuitive tabs and menus that make learning the program fast and simple. We have Getting Started Guide; you can follow up if you are ready to process your first payroll.

Multi-Users and Multi-Company; the program allows you to generate an unlimited number of users, access and functionality privileges’ based on each person's ID.

We have tools such as SmartHR integrates Payroll, Human Resource, Employee Scheduling, Time Keeping and Electronic Funds Transfer for purposes of management. The Payroll module can effectively manage all aspects of payroll in your organization. These tools are easily accessible and hence one can reach critical information they need hence one can plan their business workflow and to organize the necessary personnel.

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