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Time and Attendance Software

It is fast, accurate and easy to use system suitable for recording of the employees working hours and site attendance. It suits organizations as it requires only a few people ranging from small to large multinational and multisided business.

SmartHR time and attendance software system is made in a way that you can uniquely customize your stem to fit the customer’s personal requirement and budget. This ranges from large, complex, smaller and multisite systems for local businesses.

Our system handles our customer’s time and attendance system in a single integrated manner. This makes it easy, accurate and easy for the system to record the employees working hours as well as their site attendance.

We also have biometric technology/smart cards/GPS tracking mobile application which allow employees to quickly clock in and out. With the time and attendance software, records can be kept accurately. SmartHR's smart card is the leading provider of smart cards and biometric system. It guarantees you all time attendant’s requirements.

This program can be linked with other human resource solutions and overtime processing. It also have a reporting generators which makes it easier for one to get real time, archived information as well as a hosting range of output style that suits best for your companies requirements.

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