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SmartHR Software is one of the most comprehensive and customizable employee self-service software that can take part in your hr’s everyday activities. It also provides services in regions including UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah with most updated services that are not like Paper-based time off requests, beneficiary updates, and pay stubs. Technology has made hr system a self-service function in the small and mid-size business sector. So you may be now surprised how this will happen.

Benefits of Employee self service software

  • Enable your organization to work as a team to manage HR information.
  • Employees can keep their details up-to-date.
  • Employees can submit requests for holidays, expense claims, and timesheets.
  • Allows employees to check accrued leave, make time-off requests.
  • Assure an easy going management in the organization without much effort or delay.

Do all these surprises you? I think Yes!

How Employee Self-service Software Enhance Your Work Force

The Employee self-service software is one of the sections in Human Resource Management software in which employees get many advantages of controlling their tasks and profile. This module enables every employee to understand the policies and information of the company as well. Moreover, employees get a greater advantage of controlling their tasks and profile.

This will reduce transactional usual overheads that HR has to deal with in everyday activities. The amount of work that HR has to do in administration activities has changed by the technology and you can witness it in the growth of the company to a great extent. Smart HR Software provides the employees with information from benefits to compensation without the help of HR. This Smart HR is not only a solution for not only covering Time and attendance, Payroll and leave management but it also a greater tool for analyzing every aspect of human resources.

Save Your Personal And Professional Data

Each employee and HR can assess their account with a single user id and password. The employees can access the software on the PCs in the office and update all kinds of information. This includes attendance, request, payslips, and any other requests if needed.

Employee self-service makes many of the tasks that HR handles more complexly into a very short task. Involving employees in their management is a favorable technique that we are opting for in the present time to reduce the complexity.

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Anil Kumar


“Collaboration with SmartCITY consultants allowed us to successfully complete a hard project on time with respect to the customer’s demands. I was really satisfied with the focus on the client’s needs, the high-quality and the professionalism of the solution provided by the teams. I would not hesitate to renew a collaboration for my next projects !”

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Gopal Krishnan

HR Manager

“Real-time savings for HR teams, greater reliability of data, easier exchanges with managers thanks to the workflow system set by SmartHR.”

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Reshmi S

HR Manager

"We chose SmartHR due to the flexibility they offer, especially within our industry. SmartHR offers a flexible solution and people. They understood what challenges we faced, and offered a solution that could fit with our organization, and not the other way round, which many other suppliers do. SmartHR has made it easy for us to choose what modules we felt were needed at specific times. We are really excited to watch how we progress even more, and see what the future holds."

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