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As the best payroll software developer in the Middle East regions inclusive of UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah, we offer extremely high-quality products that operate reliably and accurately in all challenging business environments. SmartHR Employee Management System (EMS) payroll manages both the statutory and occupational remuneration process for the GCC Region which would let you manage your business effectively as well as both in financial and manpower management. Monitoring a one to end functioning scheduled for each employee is such a big task to handle by the HR team. A proper and accurate software solution to manage payroll services will help your business to focus on its prominent growth. Our smart Employee Payroll Management System maintains employee's complete records like salaries, bonus overtime, casual leaves, time in & time out and so. The software activity commences the salary administration of employees in the organization.

Smart City Systems developed the SmartHR Payroll as the most advanced HRMS solution which integrates fully with Human Resource(HR), Attendance devices, Finance applications and the employee self-service software. The payroll management software also offers the chance to choose your own purchasing option for software installation. Our project manager and consultants are always available and dedicated to helping your business in managing the implementation of your own HRMS Software solution.

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Our Mission

To provide customers the best custom-friendly, advanced and cost-effective smart Payroll software with great satisfaction. Ensure the product quality and guarantee as well.

Our Vision:

Our main aim is to make the life of an employee, payroll manager or HR manager easier. Our product should simplify and improve the administration of payroll hence the staff will only need to focus on the business.

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How can a Payroll software be beneficial for your business?

  • Greater employee satisfaction: Using online payroll software increases the efficiency of your operations and reduces the likelihood of mistakes occur.
  • Process Accuracy: you can greatly reduce the risk of human error and make sure your employees get exactly the pay they have earned.
  • Save work time: online payroll software can make designated staff member's task easier and save them an enormous amount of time.
  • Enhanced data privacy: The online payroll processing will be more sensitive and must protective. We ensure data privacy and security as well.
  • No specialized experience needed to manage our product. Less challenging and more custom-friendly
  • Automatic audit reporting: Our online payroll software makes salary and superannuation payments, you can easily review the payment logs, check tax and super guarantee rates and prove that all payments were proper and no one was shortchanged
  • Easily customizable software: The payroll software can be customized to the needs of each client, whether that client is a small startup with less than a dozen employees or a growing business with hundreds of workers.
  • Automating processes: Processes that would take dozens of hours and require a dedicated staff of workers can be done by a single employee in a matter of hours.
  • When you use online payroll software, you can store your data securely in the cloud. That cloud-based system provides you with enhanced security, but it also gives you and your staff members secure anywhere access.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Switching from a manual paper-based payroll processing system to a more efficient online payroll software system can save enormous amounts of money and allow you to invest those funds elsewhere in your business.
  • Training management: The program has intuitive tabs and menus that make learning the program fast and simple. We have Getting Started Guide for those who are ready to process your first payroll.
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What People Say

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Anil Kumar


“Collaboration with SmartCITY consultants allowed us to successfully complete a hard project on time with respect to the customer’s demands. I was really satisfied with the focus on the client’s needs, the high-quality and the professionalism of the solution provided by the teams. I would not hesitate to renew a collaboration for my next projects !”

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Gopal Krishnan

HR Manager

“Real-time savings for HR teams, greater reliability of data, easier exchanges with managers thanks to the workflow system set by SmartHR.”

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Reshmi S

HR Manager

"We chose SmartHR due to the flexibility they offer, especially within our industry. SmartHR offers a flexible solution and people. They understood what challenges we faced, and offered a solution that could fit with our organization, and not the other way round, which many other suppliers do. SmartHR has made it easy for us to choose what modules we felt were needed at specific times. We are really excited to watch how we progress even more, and see what the future holds."

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