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We provide flexible and very professional payroll services in the market. Our Hr software has been successfully running for about ten years around different market areas. Providing services along with a trust makes any company much more reputation than others. Our product named SmartHR has successfully partnered along with small and large types of clients. They are dedicated to improving services for employees at a minimal charge so that they can afford it. SmartHR Software manages services from the viewpoint of the customer and makes changes accordingly in the service provided to them. We provide best hr software services at the level you require in your office according to what you need

Streamline Hrms take the pressure off internal resources without the need for an IT infrastructure upgrade. We’ll eliminate process gaps in your organisation’s payroll management and our cloud-based software will ensure you have access whenever and wherever you need it.

We believe that retaining customers is divine for us. As the customers are from different areas and their perspectives about the service would be varied. We clearly identify each party’s different perspectives of obligations, customer care, and all deadlines. The only duty of our customers is to Email us any new information you find in your company. The rest of the job for us to do and if it is any issue then duty is ours to solve that. Some of the services other than the product include end year reconciliation, administration, and reporting.


Our HR software has good Reliability among the customers as we provide them with the right product for their use. We guarantee you good from our side with an accurate result. We guarantee your overall satisfaction and growth with SMART HR Managed Service. If any aspect of our service fails to meet your expectations, you can cancel your service at any time from our company.

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What People Say

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Anil Kumar


“Collaboration with SmartCITY consultants allowed us to successfully complete a hard project on time with respect to the customer’s demands. I was really satisfied with the focus on the client’s needs, the high-quality, and the professionalism of the solution provided by the teams. I would not hesitate to renew a collaboration for my next projects !”

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Gopal Krishnan

HR Manager

“Real-time savings for HR teams, greater reliability of data, easier exchanges with managers thanks to the workflow system set by SmartHR.”

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Reshmi S

HR Manager

"We chose SmartHR due to the flexibility they offer, especially within our industry. SmartHR offers a flexible solution and people. They understood what challenges we faced, and offered a solution that could fit with our organization, and not the other way round, which many other suppliers do. SmartHR has made it easy for us to choose what modules we felt were needed at specific times. We are really excited to watch how we progress even more, and see what the future holds."

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