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The payroll outsourcing service we're providing can help you more to manage your allround business services delivering in the Middle East regions including UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, without getting trouble in employee payroll services. We will process your payroll by gathering employee details to calculate the pay amount that's due to each employee, and processing payment by issuing a payroll check. Our company assures you the proper service to handle the administrative and compliance methods of paying employees.

Payroll management is one of the toughest parts of business leading and here we would like to establish a specific smart solution for your trouble. Outsourcing payroll services is much beneficial to implement proper business management. As the best international outsourcing service providers, We can handle all your payroll needs without interrupting your privileges to control as well. We will draft a smart agreement that meets your desires by setting convenient roles to be played by each party to ensure no conflicts of desires to manage your payroll effectively.

What do we assure you as the best payroll outsourcing service providers?

  • Our Smart HR Managed Service can assure you proper reliability and accuracy in delivering uncompromised service all over in the Middle east.
  • We're capable of providing what is trending and well-structured with providing the best payroll outsourcing services that demand in the current business environment.
  • For those who're well supportive of the advancements in the business industry including our esteemed customers, we do recommend to go for the payroll outsourcing service as well.
  • It will definitely hold more free ample time to look after business management. It will be more beneficial as well to set your business goal prominently.
  • Take a distance from the decision to hire a specialist assistant to manage your payroll services at a high cost. Through payroll outsourcing we will gladly do it for you by managing your payroll costs.
  • Invest less time and cost for a long-term smart service gathering to your business port. Deal with your business payroll management in a professional way.

What are the methods that payroll outsourcing services follow?

  • Set up payroll software with your Company and employee data, including your payroll bank account and employee's bank accounts to proceed direct deposit.
  • Collect new employee information and provide new hire reporting forms.
  • Obtain clock-in and clock-out times or hours worked each pay period to input into payroll software.
  • Confirm hours worked each pay period as paid or unpaid, and calculate gross pay in an accurate manner.
  • Run your payroll by processing pretax deductions as well as post-tax deductions.
  • Make deposits to employee's accounts and mail or deliver paychecks and advice to your office or employee's homes.
  • Make payments to vendors, such as insurance Companies, on your behalf.
  • Pay all payroll taxes and insurance when due, such as quarterly state and federal taxes.
  • Provide reports to the appropriate business.
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Anil Nair


“Collaboration with SmartCITY consultants allowed us to successfully complete a hard project on time with respect to the customer’s demands. I was really satisfied with the focus on the client’s needs, the high-quality and the professionalism of the solution provided by the teams. I would not hesitate to renew a collaboration for my next projects !”

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Gopal Krishnan

HR Manager

“Real-time savings for HR teams, greater reliability of data, easier exchanges with managers thanks to the workflow system set by SmartHR.”

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Reshmi S

HR Manager

"We chose SmartHR due to the flexibility they offer, especially within our industry. SmartHR offers a flexible solution and people. They understood what challenges we faced, and offered a solution that could fit with our organization, and not the other way round, which many other suppliers do. SmartHR has made it easy for us to choose what modules we felt were needed at specific times. We are really excited to watch how we progress even more, and see what the future holds."

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