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HR and Payroll Software

Our HR solutions cut across all sizes of businesses. It does not matter to us if your business is small or large. Our services are available to all and our HR solutions include.

  • HR workflows
  • Mobile HR
  • HR self-service software

As an esteemed and highly valued customer, it worth noting that our services are easy to adapt to and also easily tailored to meet all your HR needs.

What to expect from our top notch solutions

Exceptional business competence: With our services, we can assure you that your business’s internal operations will operate efficiently, with no to minimal conflicts. We are advocates for improved performance, creativity, innovation geared towards smart working.

Trendy and recent online technology you ought to love: we use a technology that is web based, allowing a progressive HR department that has shun all old HR practices of pen and paper. The web based technology allows for a round the clock access to information.

User management: Our Employees Self Service tools make it a reality to have a greater and improved user control. Users or employees are given the rights to change important information such as bank accounts, make requests such as holidays and loans and on the other hand, the work of the Individual line Mangers is made easier. They are able to management appraisals, control employee absenteeism and at the same time have their hands on vital information that can be used to make critical and informed decisions in the organization.

SmartHR Software

If you are out there looking for a user friendly HR and Payroll Software, then we are the right people to call. Call us today on 971 4 2989164.

We will passionately attend to your small or large organization’s HR and Payroll needs. We will deliver our services beyond your expectations, as we promise to tailor our software to meet your specific needs. From the bottom of our hearts, we promise to deliver. We will be with you all the way, to ensure our systems are efficiently working in your business. We are the company that goes the extra mile to ensure one hundred customer satisfaction. As a part of our job, our dedicated team will be with you all the way, to offer professional assistance through:

Project manager and Consultants

A team of passionate, self-motivated and dedicated project managers and consultants will oversee the overall implementation of your desired HR solution package.

Software installation

We have varied software varieties for you to choose from. We will run an installation depending on the purchase of your choice. The installations are available to choose from. They can be made on the Smarter Cloud or we can install then directly into your servers, depending on your preferences.

The Data Team

We have a competent data team that will manage all your data migration needs to your preferred HR system.

Implementation period

During the implementation period, we will be of help when it comes to personalizing the HR software and integrating it with your already existing systems. We will guide you through the implementations and installations of the templates, sickness schemes among other tasks you will feel necessary.

The payroll experts

It is worth noting that Smart HR offers payroll solutions that are flexible and adaptable for all payroll management needs. This includes unique payroll software and services. We come in to assist the payroll personnel in achieving top notch payroll management systems which at the end of the day are fundamental in:

Abridged managerial efforts

The systems we put in place ensure that the payroll personnel tasks are highly automated, enabling them to offer improved services, which comply with legislative guidelines.

Accurate payroll management

The payroll self-service functionality on the other hand reduces cash flow associated risks. It is a service that also leads to employee self-satisfaction as the employee’s are in a position to interact with the system on their own, at reduced error levels.


Our systems ensure total compliance with organization policies and legislation. Real time information in regard to payrolls is provided to the management, the employees as well as external bodies that maybe interested with employee payrolls, such as tax returns bodies, thus providing maximum compliance.

Payroll strategies and management

Payroll data that our systems provide can be used by the payroll personnel to develop payroll strategies that can be fundamental to business decisions. The same payrolls provide accurate and real time modules such as Absence management modules that can be used employee appraisal.

Ideal In-house and Cloud solution

Smart HR will provide you with the options of your databases which are secure, all in a single database of choice.

Smart HR as a talent management platform

The system is inclusive of a recruitment, development. Retention, performance appraisal and reward platform, that can be used to encourage and nature talent in the organization.

Self service

Smart HR is a comprehensive self-service platform. It is a platform that can be used to reduce organizational paper work with its automated business procedures and at the same time be used as a toll that can be used by employees to ensure that their information with the organization is up to date, allowing them to constantly update their files as they exist in the organization’s database.

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